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Cody Here, so many of you seen this auto I’m working on. It’s high potency and it’s an auto dominant that I crossed NukeHeads photo-period into; The first couple of crosses kept growing tall before auto flowering, but now three generations later I got a strong NukeHeads lineage in this auto.  However, it doesn’t quite smell like my NukeHeads photo-period strain.  I’ve grown 50+ auto’s that’s strongly dominant with my nukeheads photoperiod and couldn’t get the NukeHeads aroma and smell into the auto. Finally , after a few cross backs I’m now smelling a hint of NukeHeads classic aroma in the bud/cola while still having an ultra fat cola stack.  To bring this auto where it’s at I’ve crossed in some Northern Lights reg seed males, some Flo Limone auto’s I had to hunt for, and tried to recreate 8 years of work to produce my NukeHeads photoperiod , but now in an Auto version.  The buds grow rock hard and dense , fat, potent, and flavorful. This is generation 1  of NukeHeads auto work. I’m allowing these fem seeds to go up for sale and I’ve only got about 200 of them. This is a very limited stock. I am currently working on Generation 2 and continuing to get the properties I like locked into this auto. This is my first ever auto work; I’ve always been a fan of photoperiods because creating a genetic takes years and tons of work to be proud of a photo-period, and with auto’s I can speed up the processes of breeding for traits I’m after because they flower fast and take up little space allowing for multiple subjects to be used in the breeding program for me to choose the best pheno-expressions between each plant grown. Many kept asking me if I would sell the seeds that are coming off the bud you see me holding, and yes I’m keeping a number of them for myself for breeding, but I got so many seeds I felt I’d open this opportunity up to those who really really want it.  I will get lab test and THC test done once I’m happy with the true breed. For now, I’m expecting these seeds to show various expressions, but they should mostly all produce a nice big fat whopper bud for you the grower. Even larger than the bud you see me holding in the photos here because this plants focus was on seed production not bud size so much energy was wasted in growth for seeds. Wow, the smell of this bud though is addictive; the smoke giggly and makes you hit the fridge while also keeping a nice yoga calm mind about yourself , but too much in the bong for me get’s me a bit more blazed than I care to be. So I lightly smoke this in a dry pipe , but if your a heavy hard hitter and take monster rips to get to the level you want to be at this will surely get you there fast , and taste amazing while doing it.  Limited stock of 200 seeds ENJOY !!!

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1 review for NukeHeads Auto

  1. Eddie Burgett (verified owner)

    Very short plant buds are getting pretty big lots of tricomes smells good i did train her

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