How to Germinate Seeds

  • Scarify your seeds first and foremost as we do not sand tumble them to remove the resin layer so that our seeds have long shelf life. If you don’t scarify them they may not sprout \ pop up for days if at all. To do this take a container and fill it with some sand and dirt you grab off the ground and put it into a container and put your seeds in the container. Now shake the container for about a minute or two. The sand and little pebbles colliding into the seeds will remove the resin layer on the seed. This resin layer acts like a wax coating and can make your seeds not pop up for days at a time if at all making them seem like a dead seed. Mother nature normally will scarify seeds naturally but to improve your success rate for indoor potted grows we suggest this technique.
  • Once you scarify the seeds we suggest placing them into a cool room or refrigerator (NOT FREEZER FREEZING WILL KILL THE SEEDS). Leave the seeds in absolute darkness during this cold period. This tricks the seed into thinking it is winter.
  • After 24 hours of cold and darkness, place the seeds into a glass of water, keep this glass of water in the dark as well for 24 hours allowing the seeds to soak and the water can activate sprouting hormones.
  • Now place the seeds into soil, or some prefer rooting cubes or rock wool cubes. Once you have placed the seeds into the starter grow medium. Place them in a room or cloning chamber set to 75 degrees F.  This warm area also needs to be pitch black dark for exactly 48 hours of warmth and darkness. DO NOT PEEK ON THE SEEDS .


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