What is F1, F2, S1 seeds and what does this mean ?


What is an F1 Marijuana Seed

What is an F2 Marijuana Seed

What is an S1, S2, Marijuana seed ?



Updated 2020 by: Cody Oebel

By: C.O 

Biological College Presentation I did on Marijuana breeding expressions 

Many times over, you have perfected growing, as I have done over the years. I don’t and will not admit publicly but I’ve become bored of growing Bud, and for years I did competitive giant cola grow off competitions winning notoriety in 2017 February plant of the month by having Grouchy Green’s grow my infamous NukeHead strain and he took #1 in the global grow off competition with my genetics. It’s then I fell in love with breeding; that not only have I won grow off’s and setup over 60 commerical grow operations, 7 of them being 6 – 40 million dollar operations where I myself setup the Cisco Switches, security cameras, managed the construction crews on building layouts or outdoor zoning of expensive climatic controlled green house solutions. But I trained over 1000 people in commercial growing, hired and employed master growers for the owners of businesses investing millions into ultra large operations, and for a while it was challenging, and then like many things you do allot, it all become routine, and boring.  However, though I had mastered outdoor/indoor commercial growing, breeding the ultimate Marijuana strain was something I felt passionate about because it was a constant adventure and allot of work and it doesn’t happen fast. Well, unless you breed auto’s ( this why auto ruderalis breeders trying to brag up their work .. I Cody Oebel, laugh at them, they’re like the script kiddies of hacking, compared to photo-period breeders who are in analogy the hacker’s whose writing assembly level code moving data in bit shift operations, or exploiting pointer leaks in a Linux operating system and fuzz a process running on a computer so they can break into it. Photoperiod breeders in my mind are the king of breeders and auto breeders are impatient brag rightist whom like yelling loudly for credit, but put in very little work). Though to appease those who like growing auto’s and the simplicity of growing an auto instead of a photo-period. I recently have began producing auto’s taking my photoperiod skills in downgrade, and easily making amazing auto crosses. The fun with auto breeding is that I can cram out a few generations of work in a single year, where as I have 11 years put into just my NukeHead strain alone, and now approaching a total of 6 strains with over a decades work. Photo-period breeding TAKES WORK !  Now, many people out there are simply crossing this with that and making an all new strain trying to build reputation for themselves paying allot of advertisement money and never put in true breeding work.  Here at NukeHeads, we keep the the grind and do things right !

The terms “F1” “F2” and “S1” are some of the first term’s that many new growers, or new breeders hear.  Breeding can be quite a difficult subject only because with Marijuana unlike other species of plants out there. Marijuana has both male, female, and acting male ( E.g Hermaphrodite plant where a female turned male or was chemically forced to transition to acting as a male producing feminized pollens, we use feminized pollens to produce fem seeds, but it must be done the right way or we produce strong hermaphrodite gene carrying seeds. More on this later !  Marijuana is reffered to as Monoeccious or Dioeccious , in a since due to how the fan leaves appear and their veins, the fact that many regions and colonies of Marijuana before we humans cultivated them in the past carried either populations of male and females, and other parts of the plants had females and hermaphrodites (acting males) things get complex fast.  Because Marijuana acts as both a monoecious and dioecious  species ( google these terms ) 

SO YOU WANT TO CROSS TWO STRAINS .. and you’re like ” Ughh Cody I like science but don’t want my brain melting from too much information .. I just want to make some fem seeds ” .  Ok.. Ok..  but first before I can make it simple I must first show you some complexity because when I teach breeding I actually teach ” THE WRONG TERMS ”  so that you do things ” THE RIGHT WAY ” and your not fucking up spilling poor genetics into the world for everyone to blame you and lash out at you and ask you ”  Who taught you how to breed ” and that shit falls on me here at NukeHeads 😉 .  So were gonna make sure that you understand it even if I have to use JIHAD Crazy unorthodox parallel’s and anologies and use some ” Wrong style of definitions ” so that when you begin making seeds, you make great stuff and not JUNK !! 


( Note: You can breed up to F6 on both sides before crossing over, but we found at F4 not much difference with Marijuana ).

FIRST WE BEGIN WITH SIMPLE APPROACH USING A MALE AND FEMALE FROM A REGULAR SEED ( not a female grown from a feminized seed, no, a female grown from a reg seed ).

So your crossing a male, to a reg seed female .  Some books like to use P0 and P1  for parent labeling , while others like using P1M and P1F ….   for ease I like to use the P1M and P1F / e.g P1 and P1 labeling ( see how things can be confusing and people fuck up allot when teaching breeding  ? ) .   So you got your male, and your female and your going to outcross both of them together to make a mix of the two.

This will result in the hybrid seeds the breeders are after, and they’re known as “F1” seeds, or first generation seeds. F1 seeds will be the most stable of any seeds that follow it in future generations, and those generations will be known as “F2” seeds, “F3” seeds, and so forth as more seeds are made.  Currently our NukeDaddy’s are offered in an F1 and an F4 variation and yes they grow differently, and you’ll find an F1 is our most expensive.  F1’s are said to grow faster, now we’ve not confirmed or denied this, but it is the hybrid vigor of crossing two genetics so it would make sense, it’s the freshest strongest cross of two strains meeting up together !

In addition to F1 and F2 seeds, there are also S1 seeds. The “S” in this case refers to “self” or “selfed”, meaning that these seeds will be selfed-generation. They do not need a male plant for pollen but rather, the female plant is reversed so that pollen can be collected ( This is either forced with chemicals, forced by stress from a grower purposely stressing the female by jacking up it’s light cycles, or defoliating it to much). However, a female plant can also stress out to hermaphrodite because it carries the pre-dispositioned genetics from poor breeding techniques. ( MORE ON THIS LATER ) . The pollen will then be used to pollinate the mother plant or a clone of the mother to get S1 seeds.  Males can be converted to females, and then selfed using a complex process of ethylene treatments early in flower to vert a male to female, then pollinating it when it’s female. This is like cheating X,Y chromosomes of a semen before it hits the embryonic stage, only this is post embryo transition.

You may find breeding is far more exciting that growing weed once mastering growing is achieved and your bored of it, breeding will fill in the need for excitement. Trust me, I been there done that with 10,000 budding plants, my arm hair stuck to my skin bumping sticky resinous Marijuana plants all day,  you tell yourself not to touch your face only to have eye-lashes glued from resins, clothes are sticky and smell, and when you go home the last thing you want to do leaving a super large commercial indoor/outdoor operation is go home and love and nurse your own garden of Marijuana.  Been there done that over the years  WEED IS WORK !! 

Now, you’ll notice in my videos I teach a term called an ” H1 ”  and I use ” S1 ” interchangably with what could be an F1, F2 etc.. there’s a good reason I teach this using incorrect, or not used abreviator types such as H1, H2 etc.. and that is because I may knowingly teach you slightly incorrect so that you get the correct outcome and your not fucking up producing a bunch of hermaphrodite genetics sending that shit out in the community of growers and reversing years of work to rid monoeccious genetics ( Sativas in the wild were mostly the hermaphrodite acting males of communities of Marijuana in different world regions , Indicas were primarily dioeccious e.g males and females with no hermaphrodites ) , and MALES used to get rid of hermaphrodite strong genetics is what I teach in my video to STRENGTHEN a lineage because males if dropped into a monoeccious colony will nearly eradicate hermaphrodites.

GOSH DARN CODY  … OK … Get to the point I wanna make feminized seeds and I want to do it the right way and not create hermaphrodite strong seeds , but strong female seeds that grow into big beautiful blooming buds and colas to create pure sensimilla .  


Ok, Ok Ok,  now back to making feminized seeds and knowing wassup and how I teach it so you don’t fuck your shit up or worse.. I put you on my breeding program so you can be listed on our website as a breeder and you go making hermi-genetics versus strong female fem seeds.. So I gotta help you .. not fuck it up right ?? So I’m going to teach you MY way of understanding so you’ll do this right every time and avoid bad practices !



  1.  S1 , S2, S3  and so on, is for ” Selfing ”  S1  is a first cross of selfing and S2 is a second cross of Selfing.. let’s look at an image so you can visually see the difference.  This means that when you take a female plant, and treat it with our NukeHeads Fem Seed spray ( buy it here )   .     You will treat a female plant with our spray, but not just any female plant.  To get an S1  feminized seed ( The strongest seeds ).  You will want to first grow a regular seed female plant where the seed could be male or female. ( But Cody all I buy is feminized seeds from you and other awesome seed banks that actually know how to make the best fem seeds , so can I use the fem seed spray on a female plant that was grown from a feminized seed ?? ) Yes yes yes hold your horses we will get there, I gotta EDU-MA-CATE yah first  so we can get your kung foo to master level !
  2.  Books are going to use F1 and F2 .. e.g  F terms, but after reading above, understanding feminized breeding processes would certainly confuse the living hell out of you, not to say your dumb , not to say you cannot learn it, but to say I’m too lazy to drop the depth of hole on why I don’t use F’-series terminologies when breeding feminized seeds together because of the advent of hermaphrodites, and because of hermaphrodites I use H1, H2 etc.. these are NOT taught or used in biological breeding books, and it is for this reason it is my ( Cody Oebel / NukeHeads ) specific teaching approach which as made NukeHeads a success and why we have breeders now with vast reputations who started with us, learned through us, and did things the right way. ( Not taking credit from any of their hard work we could shove a computer into your brain , but if you don’t bust ass and work hard it won’t mean crap on what you know ).  It takes bust ass work to producing quality S1 feminized seeds.  This image below is going to explain  H1’s and build you up to why we like to use  H1, H2  in place of what other books and online sources use as S1, S2, because I swear to you it will be amazingly confusing learning else where, and if you want to get up and going making good fem seed fast without getting a bachelors degree in biology then your reading the right shit to learn the best methods of understanding !



When you use a FORCED process such as our NukeHeads fem seed spray, or ( Colloidial Silver which is totally junk and takes allot versus our NukeHeads Sodium Thiosulfate Solution which we don’t use reagants, no no, we use lab grade Anyhydrous .. very expensive and requires a license to obtain in some places ), our fem seed spray is potent, and we won’t dive into the positive charges of molecules and metals being neutralized and how it stops the production of Ethylene in a female plant so that it makes her turn into a male.. nahh you can google that shit to your hearts content, we wanna get you up to speed fast and simple as possible when this shits already a tough subject to learn, but be in my shoes typing this trying to make it easy for a vast majority to understand.. now THAT IS TOUGH !!  SO let’s get to it !

You See the chart above where I state I like using S1 in place of F1.  ” But why Cody no one else does this “,   and here is why .. S is for ” SELFING ”  and while producing an S1, or S2 is O.K and not bad practice producing an H1 is !  H1 is a term I created and use to teach this subject matter.  Here is what an H1 seed is and how to avoid it.  If your making fem seeds H1 seeds are inevitably there.  So you got your feminized spray from NukeHeads, you spray it on a female ( be it a Reg seed female , or an S1/F1 female  ) .. the female you sprayed our NukeHeads fem seed spray on turns into male, makes a bunch of pollens and looks like a female with buds and male flower, or it may just look like a 100% male as our product is very strong at verting a female to FM ( Female-Male ).  Your all happy and excited, because if you collect those pollens and put them on OTHER FEMALES .. those OTHER FEMALES produce FEMINIZED SEEDS , Either S1’s, S2’s  , S3’s etc..    However, the plant you sprayed .. because it produced pollens .. it may have pollinated itself and this will mean it is creating seeds from it’s own pollens.  You absolutely 100% throw these fucking seeds in the trash when your done with this plant after collecting its pollens to use on other females, absolutely do NOT keep H1 seeds.  It’s like say your a  female, I spray you with a chemical, you grow a male penis while also still having a vagina , and you stick your own penis into your own vagina, and you impregnate yourself. ( OK yes i had to used some fucked up analogy but I bet this shits sunk into your brain now isnt it  !! )  ABSOLUTELY DON’T KEEP SEEDS CREATED FROM THE PLANT YOU FORCED INTO HERMAPHRODITE.   However, the plant you  forced into hermaphrodite ( E.g you turned into a male ) …   Those pollens are what I call FEMINIZED POLLEN’S and when you take those pollen’s and sprinkle them on a DIFFERENT female plant early in bloom when the buds have tons of white hairs… the female you apply those pollens onto, will then grow  S series feminized seeds ( The good stuff you want to be making ).   Now, god forbid someone you know is dumb enough to produce H2, H3’s and so on.  So what is an H2, H3, H4  since you like using this H line in your breeding education Cody ??  Ok.. so say a dumbass exists .. like someone who just shouldn’t be breeding right .. Here’s what they would do to get to an H2,H3, H4 and so on.   They would KEEP the seeds from a Hermi plant where the Hermi plant produced it’s own seeds from it’s own pollen’s and then GROW those H1 seeds , they will all be females in case your wondering but strong with the hermi gene they are !!  So say this idiot grows an H1 seed, it grows into a female, since it’s got strong Hermi genes, it  by NONE-FORCED ( meaning we did nothing to hermi it ) grows into a hermi plant since H1’s easily grow into hermi’s … so now it’s got male pollens and again it pollinates itself those seeds it creates from it’s own pollen’s will now be H2’s  .. So if this really really dumb breeder took those H2’s and planted them, and the H2 seed grew into a hermaphrodite female, and again pollinated itself creating it’s own seeds those seeds would now be H3’s ..  all H series seeds shouldn’t exist .. THEY GO INTO THE TRASH CAN !!

Wow, Cody OK, OK  I get it dude I get it, don’t keep hermi asexually reproduced seeds, but do people actually do this ? YES and here is why !!   As a seed bank, seed banks buy feminized seeds, and because of the amount of time a person puts into growing a female, FORCING it to hermaphrodite, and trying to produce as much FEM seeds as possible to sell to a seed bank, GREED sets in.  Say that hermaphrodite plant produces a 1000 seeds, those will all be H1 seeds, and instead of chunking them into the trash can, say a seed bank is buying bulk fem seeds at 1$ per fem seed. A greedy and crooked breeder will toss those 1000 H1 seeds in with all their S1 seeds to make an extra 1000$.  This is why so few people make the cut in breeding, and experienced breeders here at NukeHeads have to go through our on-boarding processes because you don’t wanna burn your reputation. The last thing you want trust me, is for all the customers of a seed bank buying YOUR seeds to email the seed bank and say your shit always turns hermi, or they get hermi’s from  your seeds , over time a seed bank like NukeHeads that documents all complaints from customers, will see a growing trend in your genetics being complained about, and you’ll lose the bridge of reputation you hoped to build !




SO, Cody, what’s with this S1, S2  stuff ??   OK  now to the fun stuff, you made it to this point, and this paragraph is what is most important to you as a breeder.

  1. Feminized seeds here at NukeHeads when we teach you, is classed as S1’s S2’s and so on, we don’t use F1, F2 etc for feminized breeding processes and we avoid the terms ” Selfing ”  because we want you to not confuse ” SELFING ” with H1, H2, H3 etc.. seeds..   We like keeping feminized breeding processes separate from male and female breeding processes so we just use S all-together. ( We teach you slightly incorrectly against other seed banks, and books, so you do things correctly, if that makes sense ) , because interchanging F2 and S2 etc will get super confusing if you read else where.
  2. We here at NukeHeads deem an S1 fem seed, as a seed that will grow into a female, and an S1 feminized seed, was created only ONE way !  ONE WAY !! again.. ONE WAY !!   By taking regular seeds which grows into male or into a female, growing a female plant from a regular seed,  and pollinating this female with FEMINIZED pollens which are pollens used from another REG SEED FEMALE converted to a hermaphrodite Using our NukeHeads Feminized Spray for Example buy it here .  E.g  Reg Seed grown female ( Female 1 we will call her)  has been pollinated by another reg seed female which was forced to hermaphrodite ( Female 2 we will call the hermaphrodite forced female) . The seeds produced on Female 1, are S1 fem seeds, the best in class, highest quality feminized seeds, and what we sell here at NukeHeads.   If any Seeds on Female 2 grew, those are H1 seeds, and they go into the trash can.  ( Can you smoke the buds from Female 2 so she’s not a total waste after treating the plant with your fem seed spray ) , for legal reasons we cannot tell you yes roll it up, but from our personal experiences with hippies that have doctorate degree’s in biology and chemistry sodium thiosulfate solution sprayed on a plant early in bloom doesn’t make the buds carcinogenic, or will make them kill you or poison you..e.g IT IS PERFECTLY SAFE TO SMOKE BUD TREATED WITH STS ,  another reason we don’t like Colloidal Silver, as with CS you might be smoking heavy metals. Hence our NukeHeads fem seed spray is the most superior product you can buy to produce feminized seeds with.

So what is an S2 , and S3 then Cody ???         Ok,  so you now know to produce an S1 fem seed, we used two reg seed females, and kept seeds only from one of them which those seeds are S1 seeds, the H1 seeds from the other female got tossed in the trash can, or you just never pulled them out of the buds, and decided to keep the bud to smoke .. while throwing those seeds in the trash as you find them.   So, now you got yourself some S1 seeds right.. NICE GREAT JOB !!   So you plant your S1’s and  you got 10 female plants growing, those are all S1 females grown from S1 feminized seeds you produced.  You take one of those 10 female plants, pull her to the side away from fans and shit blowing air, and you spray our NukeHeads Fem seed spray on to her ( Avoid fans carrying mist of our spray .. one touch on another female she’ll hermi up ) … so your fem spraying  an S1 female plant, this plant turns into a hermaphrodite ( she turns into a Female-Male ) , she produces pollens..   Say your lazy and don’t collect pollens ( Dont blame yah were stoners too ) , and you lift her up and shake the shit out of her in front of a fan, so her pollens get blown by fans or fall all over the other 9  S1 seed females you grew which are now blooming and have buds with sticky white hairs, the sticky white hairs will catch the pollens, and where a pollen lands a seed will grow..   Since all 10 plants were females grown from your first batch of S1 seeds, the seeds they produce will all be S2’s  , and the 1 of 10 females you sprayed our fem seed spray on , if it produces seeds, those again are H1 seeds toss them in the trash can only the seeds from the other 9 plants can be used / sold / grown.   Now, you cannot keep doing this over and over, because the seeds will go to S3, then S4 and so on,  at around S4 .. the seeds will grow into females that are super fragile. The human equivalent would be a super feminine girl all into girl stuff and if you get slightly rude with her, yell at her, argue with her, she just breaks down crying and stresses out, the same goes for S4 fem seeds and above.

So, Cody,  I been breeding along, and it’s so super convenient to use S series fem seeds to produce fem crosses than using regular seeds hoping for a female and having to kill males, well now… I’m at a point where if I produce another generation of female seeds they will all be S4’s  and be weaker female seeds as you taught.. These plants are producing amazing results and CBD potency and I gotta keep this line going how can I strengthen them ?

ANSWER:   ” With a TRUE MALE PLANT ”  ,  see in the wild male plants would entirely eliminate hermaphrodite dominant colonies where Female-Males ( Hermi’s ) acted as the only males in the community of Marijuana in certain regions of the world. When introducing a male plant in a hermi dominant colony, a single generation of male to female pollenation the very first F1 generation would have nearly entirely eliminated the hermi gene, and after about 4 generations of a male being prevalent, hermi gene’s nearly disappeared, though the plant maintains its ability to hermi as a survival mechanism.. I am citing “Rhodilization” a process a female plant will make her own seeds if she goes too long in bloom and never is chopped down, or never is pollenated by either a TRUE MALE, or an acting male ( Female-Male e.g Hermi ).  So you take your S4 female seed, grow it into adulthood, grow a male plant ( CHOOSE A STRONG NICE MALE PLANT THAT YOU FEEL WILL BRING STRENGTH AND QUALITY TO YOUR GENETICS ) ,  you set your S4 female to bloom via 12/12 ( unless its an auto-ruderalis which auto blooms ) , and once she begins budding out with a bunch of white sticky hairs,  take the pollens from the TRUE MALE and dump them on the S4 female.  The seeds she will produce will be reg seeds, and we deem those seeds F1/S3’s  , because they are now reg seeds of a first gen cross so they are technically an F1, but carrying a weakness from S4 inside them ..   A male deducts the S value  so an S4 mated with a true male creates  F1/S3’s  and if you grow those reg seeds and get a female  she’s an F1/S3 female, and if you breed another male to her, the seeds she’ll make will be F1/S2’s  the goal is to reach an F1/S0 which is simply an F1 ( STRONGEST ) ..  This obviously means about a whole year of using males to get your S4 back to an F1 ,  and then you gotta spend another  year to produce a True Breed homogeneous strain of that F1 to a P1 ( Now this subject goes back to the start of this page .. see why we had to cover F1, F2’s etc..  ?? ) .


OK OK OK  Man,  I got it, but I got one more question for you Cody .. this one’s big in my brain.  ” So what if I grow an S1 female, I take clones from her, I grow those clones out, say I grow 10 clones , and then  I treat one of the ten of those clones with your NukeHeads Fem Seed Spray ( buy it here)   .. and it turns hermi, it then produces pollen’s and pollinates herself making seeds on herself, and she also pollinates those other 9 sister clones ” .. Since they are clones are they all the same plant so would the other 9 sister clones that got pollinated all produce H1 seeds ?  GREAT FREAKING QUESTION I GET THIS A TON OF TIMES !!   The answer here is , though they are all clones, same genetics, same copy as the mother they were cut from, they for this reason of teaching,  we treat all 9 of the sister clones as different female plants.  So the S1 female you FORCED into hermi, the seeds she produces onto herself will be H1 seeds toss those in the trash can they’re junk,  the seeds produced on the other 9 female sister clones , since those are all an S1 clone females ,  they will produce S2 generation feminized seeds and can be sold and grow strong and well.  So simply treat the other clones as if they were a different strain of female S1 plant all together.  NOW,  .. my friends, you see why I use  H1, H2 for self pollenation ( selfing ) , and I don’t use S1, S2 for ” Selfing ” because it’s confusing to most right ? I teach using S1, S2, S3 in place of F1, F2 when feminized breeding processes are used .. as you can use F1, F2  for non feminizing breeding processes ( in both reg seed breeding terminologies where True male is used with a True Female ) ,  but F1, F2, F3 etc. .. can also be used in ” Feminized breeding processes ” ,  so teaching this for me is hard 🙂 because if I teach you the standard way it might make you do things the WRONG way if you have on slip of confusion, however if I teach you my way, which isn’t standard .. you will certainly produce quality feminized seeds over and over , and over time you will then become clear of breeding all together. Remember one step at a time and you go miles with more and more steps !



  1.  FEM SEEDS ARE PRONE TO STRESS EVEN S1 FEM SEEDS WHICH ARE THE STRONGEST OF FEMINIZED SEED VARIANTS IF A GROWER DEFOLIATES TO MUCH, DOESN’T MAINTAIN SOIL/HYDRO PH LEVELS PROPERLY,  JACKS WITH THE LIGHT CYCLE OF A S-SERIES FEMALE PLANT WHILE SHE’S IN BLOOM ( such as a timer failing to turn the light on and off and it works erratically messing her sleep up no different than if your alarm clock randomly went off throughout the night keeping you awake you’d be stressed the fk out too .. same shit ) ..  REMOVING TOO MUCH BRANCHES WHEN LOLLY POPPING is the likely cause of a feminized seed turning hermi with experienced growers .. they remove too much being impatient.  Remove one branch of foliage per week and the S-Series female plant will endure very little stress and not hermi so easily.  Novice growers usually have light leaks, or OVER FEED their plants in BLOOM TIME, which causes PH in the soil to drop into the low 5’s and the plant will certainly hermi from such stresses.
  2.  Feminized seeds grown into a female plant do not take well to LST ( Low Stress Training ), or take to Manifolding, 4 Flex, 8 Ninja Flex architecting the growth of the plant as well as a female plant grown from a regular seed. An F1  regular seed female is ” THE BEST CHOICE FOR COMMERCIAL GROW OPERATIONS ” , yes it means dealing with males, but kill the males, and when you get females from F1 reg seeds, they are the strongest, best to take and make clones from, turn into mothers, and will ensure your grow operation has the best odds of being hermi free.


  1. I have many cases where HERMAPHRODITE PLANTS grew from fans blowing our fem seed spray across the room ..  be careful about how you chemically force females to hermaphrodite as you can unintentionally hermi other females you didn’t want to turn hermi, and it can be a problem creating H1 seeds, or seeds you didn’t want ! 

2.  Hermi bud is DANK as hell, sweet smoke , sticky, and the high is amazing and great. If you got a true hermi female, one you didn’t force to hermi, one you didn’t accidentally stress into hermi, you can castrate her and she cannot pollenate other females. This means, you will by hand with tweezers, remove every nanner / pollen sac from the hermi plant,  much like getting your male dog fixxed so he can’t have pups with your female dog, .. you remove the plants ability to procreate and thus you can harvest the hermi as she was a normal female with no set backs or problems so long as you get on top of castrating her early on and checking her every 3 days for new flowers / pollen sacs to castrate

3.  I HAVE MANY WTF OCCASIONS where a plant I forced to hermi with chemicals .. it produces pollen sacs and pollens ,  we used those pollens on other females that were the SAME CLONE as the female we hermi’d (