Here at  we provide the highest securities for you to feel safe when making a purchase through our website. We also do not sell, give, or share your personal information you provide to us with other parties, individuals, businesses or any entity outside of

We may send you emails with promotions on our website if you provide us your email by creating an account with our website you agree to these terms, but we do not share your personal information, address, email, phone number, or payment information with anyone. In fact, we do not store your payment information at all. Every order processed at NukeHeads; no credit or debit card information is kept so there is no worries of us getting hacked and your information being leaked as we use second and third party high security processors such as credit card merchants who provide their own high level industry standard securities. We also do not condone illegal activities and we monitor customer purchase behaviors using the best of practices to make sure the buyer using a payment type is the legitimate account holder of the finances being surrendered to us for products purchased. Our services are 100% legal in all U.S states as we do not sell any ” Illegal items or related, and nothing analogue ” .

We give you full control to remove or add your own information via an account creation should you create an account with us for future order conveniences; however you can also make your purchases by simply checking out as a guest. The information we gather is what you provide us in order to ensure the billing and shipping information are accurately represented for us to successfully ship your products.  At any time should you request your account be removed , email or personal information be edited send us an email to or use the “Contact Pages”  form and submit the request. We will immediately change any information requested or entirely delete and terminate your account upon your request.  We also have at our own discretion the right to remove your account information and terminate/remove your account from our website and system. If we decide to terminate / delete your account we will do it with the highest securities practices available by the wordpress frameworks built in account management options and securities to do such.  We give you the choice of what information you wish to provide, but at minimum our account creation standards has by necessity basic account information fields for you to input your information and to be able to create an account with us. Some of these basic account creation criterion is as follows. However upon paying for an order only then does our system utilize a payment processing feature to collect your payment information. As stated previously we do not store your credit card or debit card information when you place an order in a single network or storage location; our systems utilize merchant processors such as payment gateway merchant processors who have high security standards when processing your payment through the back-end gateway. So rest assured your payment through us will never reveal your payment information such as debit or credit card numbers. No one internal to NukeHeads has access to the 3rd party gateway processors taking your payment information it is entirely transparent to us providing you further securities.

Elementary Account Creation Criteria :

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  • Shipping Address
  • Email
  • Phone Number


Our product is legal to purchase in all U.S states, but due to the sensitive nature of this industry we take it personally to implement a high standard of our sales protocols to ensure maximum privacy levels.  The shipping labels we use on the box we send your order in is also very discrete to further reflect our professional level of discretion to you as the customer. When an order is placed on our website the transaction that shows up on your bank is also discrete as we feel your privacy and buying behaviors is your own business and we keep that interest concrete in our services !  Rest assured we give you the best of privacy in our services as we are industry leaders in plastic lab trays for individuals, and dispensaries.