Buy Marijuana SEEDS IN THE USA





  1. We have 3D designers custom engineer you a laboratory container   WITH YOUR NAME ON IT   that protects your seeds from 550lb – 1000lb crush loads during shipment. It can take our machines 3 days to make this custom lab container for you with your name on it but your seeds will arrive safe and sound ! 

  2. CLEAN SEEDS – Our seeds are phytocertified to have No Spider Mites or pests or insect eggs, No fungus, No Powdery Mildew or Molds, No bacteria, and No invasive species. Have you ever got spider mites or weird bugs in your grow before? Ever had powdery mildew on your plant leaves in your grow and didn’t know where it came from or how you got it ? Maybe you thought you were doing everything right but still you got hit with these problems ?  It likely came from those low grade cheap seeds you bought from a none certified seed bank on the internet. Stop getting spider mites that came with cheap seeds in your garden and buy quality certified clean seeds. ( Poor quality clones too be careful of buying infected clones). While we only sell seeds. We sell only the finest lab grade seeds !  When you buy from us you can have confidence that you are growing with the best genetics, and the cleanest seeds !  IF YOU ARE AN ONLINE SEED BANK OWNER WHO IS READING THIS AND YOU NEED BULK RATE LOW PRICES EMAIL US  NukeHeads currently supplies over 60 other online seed banks with top class genetics ! 

 SHIPPING SPEEDS – It takes 5-7 BUSINESS DAYS from the day you order before it arrives to your door step. FYI – Business days does not include Friday Evenings, Saturday or Sunday !  So if you order on Thursday evening or a Friday morning you likely will get the order the next week before or on Friday . If you order on a Monday, you’ll likely get the order by the end of that week around Friday or Saturday.  This is an average delivery time expectation.