Our entire business, our products, our products brand names came from those of you who watch “Codys”  youtube channel and submitted suggestions on what to name strains, and products.  So this webpage is dedicated to all of  you.  Now we know we are missing allot of people to add here, but this section is to acknowledge those of you who continue to be active with the NukeHeads progress on Cody’s youtube channel and those of you which are the origination of why we branded a product the names we did.  Everyone part of the NukeHeads community is valued, your suggestions, advice, and feedback is critical to our success without it we wouldn’t have grown so fast and were still growing and it hasn’t yet stopped.  Thank you to all of you !

Adam Meyer

Adam Meyer helped build the NukeHeads first website, and much of the content. Actually the round logo the NukeHeads site still uses to this day Adam created. He helped with SEO suggestions, suggesting the forum, and much more than we could possible list. Huge huge credits goes out to Adam Meyer !


Howard Cummings



NukeHeads Flower Power Package 

R.D  ( Secret Alias ) 

suggested we call our veg formula  Uranium Veg, and our Bloom formula Plutonium Bloom. Thank you  R.D

Nuclear Juice Hydroponics Nutrients


Suggested we call our hydroponics nutrients  ” Nuclear Juice ” as his plants exploded in size and drunk more water from his DWC tank than he had ever seen before in years of hydroponics growing. He said this stuff’s like some Nuclear Juice or something …. so it stuck so well, we branded the product with this very name !  Thank  you  GrowsGreenZalot


C Bo

Our up and coming strain and new line Hemp cross of the NukeHeads and Grand Daddy Purple strain needed a name. The first person we documented stating  ” Call is NukeDaddy  is by  C  Bo.   Thank you C Bo !!!!

NuKLones I.C.B.M

Credits goes to the following three NukeHeaders

Gary Tuttle  –  Came up with NuKlones

Robert Richardson   –  Thought adding I.C.B.M would as  ” I . Clone . Better. Hemp ” would be awesome ! 

Raul Ponce – Graphics Artist and NukeHeads youtube community member who submitted his artwork. 

We are soon to launch a cloning solution which you dip your clones into, AND use in spray bottles to lightly mist your clones to help them grow absolutely beautiful roots. Our solution has been a private mix used for years in home and commercial grows and the originator never once thought to market it until now.  So we need all of you  NukeHeads out there to help us come up with a name for this new product line ! We will be asking the community soon for some feed back on branding this before we launch it !  We chose Raul Ponce artwork for a number of reasons, it’s simple, it’s low impact costs on ink and prints in mass production, it encapsulates the product concept, and it though it was a close match up between all the artwork submitted. This very nice artwork was just perfect for so many reasons. Congrats Raul Ponce !!


Brittan Lenhart

Brittan not only exposes the true names of those attacking our brand, website and integrity, but he also took the time of his day, time in his life he will never get back to helping the NukeHeads community FREE GIVE AWAYS with a very very fast and rapid means to gathering names. Prior to him showing this nice little trick using the sublime text editor, I had paid my 10yr old son some Roblox money, or bought him League of Legends skins to have him copy and paste names for hours on end collecting names as I was actually writing a program to automatically gather names from the page using C# web functions, but after Brittan shared this simple technique it made writing an app to do this completely void. My greatest challenge was how to get my app to ” Show More ” autonomously. So now our free give-aways just got so much easier !  I will now teach my 9yr old how to do this… he has learned software programming as well and built his own website when he was 8yrs old    So much KUDO’s to  BRITTAN LENHART …. we will be giving him a major shout out in up-coming give away videos !