Purple BlueBerry Muffin Cherries


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They can be just green if their grown in constant heat yet the heat may not matter and they will turn purple anyways. We are just giving this heads up as were told 95% of these seeds DARK PURPLE and rarely ever turn green. They are heat sensitive. 

This genetic is quite the purple cross, it’s a cross of BlueBerry Muffin ( Humboldt Seeds )  , Purple Danish,  Cheese Cake X Buddha, and a CBD Cherry Wine

This genetic will hit ultra high floral notes, and can make the room smell like muffins baking in the oven. It’s blueberry lineage means rock hard beautifulk frosty with trichome bud growth, and the taste of the smoke will have you burning bowls for hours. The effect is quite the couchy effect and has a nice nostril filling after effect each hit.  When bonged, piped or rolled expect different flavor profiles from this. You will get an upper note of citrus sour then the tapered smell and aroma of a blue berry muffin in the oven baking it’s quite the genetic for puple bud strain lovers and pheno hunters to grow in your garden.  Oddly, it can express an all green bud so if your plant doesn’t automatically begin purpling this is O.K and known,  to force the purple notes out of it, take ice, and put ice on your soil or in your hydroponics throughout flush .. if your plant is purpling nice and dark purple doing this ice method will make it even darker. It’s quite the site to see we have photo’s of this genetic its being grown in Germany currently and were awaiting more photographs from the individual who has been cultivating this strain overseas.  This is a popular genetic in CZECH brought to the USA  by  NukeHeads Genetics !


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