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Made famous by the James Franco and Seth Rogen stoner comedy of the same name, Pineapple Express is a popular sativa-leaning hybrid. Contrary to its depiction in film as a government-created experimental drug with military applications, Pineapple Express is a cross between landrace sativa Hawaiian and hybrid Trainwreck, which is itself a cross between far-flung landraces from Mexico, Thailand, and Afghanistan. Although there’s no consensus on whether or not the Pineapple Express strain lent the 2008 movie its name or vice versa, there’s no doubting the appeal of this well-balanced hybrid. Its THC content can clock in anywhere between 15% and a staggering 26%; certain phenotypes also contain small amounts of the pain-relieving cannabinoid CBD.

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  1. juliankinsella (verified owner)

    Just bought this and im growing a couple of nukedaddy I love this company I have been looking for people like this for a long time your nutrients changed my garden I love this company

    • Brittan Lenhart

      Thank you so much! Your opinion means so much to us!

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