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NukeHeads Soil pH Meter 2.0

(with Bluetooth connectivity and app for your smartphone)

3 buying options (with 30-day warranty, with 1-year any reason you break it we replace it warranty, and a $25 blowout option of our old model)

  1. $45 option with automatic 30-day warranty for normal malfunctions, but this does not include dropping or breaking the probe. If you break the probe, we will not replace it. We advise that you buy the $99 option where we will replace it once should you break it within a full calendar year.

    You must exercise caution when using glass instruments by first creating a hole into your soil before inserting the probe. Otherwise, roots and other soil debris can break the glass tip of the probe.

  2. $99 option is the “EXTREME EXTENDED WARRANTY” for 1 whole year. If you drop and break the unit, we will replace it once for free!

Why buy our NukeHeads soil pH meter?

  • 95% of all grow-related problems are due to the soil in the pots having improper soil pH levels.

  • Grow airy bud and wonder how others are growing big hard dense buds? It’s because you’re not balancing your soil between 6.0-6.5 pH.

  • Testing run-off simply doesn’t work effectively; you have to have a soil pH meter to accurately measure your soil!

  • Got one of those little “el-cheapo” yellow pH pens that comes with a TDS meter? Yet having sick-looking plants and airy buds? Yeah, they’re junk!

  • This meter works for both soil and hydroponics.

  • 1-year none-dry out warranty (if not dropped or physically broken). This is a high-quality lab-grade glass soil pH pen; however, the pen should last an entire full year.

  • All soil pH meters, no matter whom you order from, the sensor itself only lasts a year; hence they all simply warranty them for a year.

  • Most growers avoided balancing their soil pH levels because soil pH meters ran from the lowest at $160 to $400.

This video shows you how to set up the meter:

This video shows you more advanced subjects and using the meter to measure soil as well as measuring EC levels!

Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 6 × 1.5 × 1 in
PH Meter Options

PH meter w/30 day Wrnty, PH Meter Ext 1yr Wrnty, Old Model PH meter

1 review for NukeHeads Soil PH meter

  1. Ricky Bobby (verified owner)

    I don’t care about none of the bad things said about Cody and his brand. I recently ordered a ph meter and a Ec meter they work great , especially if you do as the video on Mr.Oebels YouTube channel recommends. No I was not paid to write this review nor to give it a 5* rating . I’m new to all this growing shii and new to nukeheads, trust me I was skeptical at first then I did some research got some good and bad reviews but I kinda just went with my gut and it was the best thing I could have done especially for the price and accuracy of the product I received. Thanks again.

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