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The Nukeheads all-new EC meter! When growing in soil, how do you know how much nutrients to feed or not to feed? It’s easy! Using our EC meter with our nutrients, as pictured above, you can give them the perfect amount of nutrients without worry of overdosing or underfeeding, and without losing harvest. With our EC meter, you insert the probe into your soil in three different spots and take measurements. The EC meter comes with a standard 30-day replacement. If it breaks or malfunctions after day 30, replacement will be at your expense. We advise buyers to purchase the optional 1-year warranty option for $90. The 1-year warranty is for a one-time replacement in case of accidents, such as being dropped, broken, eaten by dogs, or run over with a tractor.

For plants in veg cycle, both photoperiods and autos, an EC level of about 0.7 is recommended for seedlings. After about four weeks, raise the EC level in the soil to 1.0 EC. When the plants enter into bloom and switch to bloom nutrients, you want the EC level to be around 1.5 – 2.0 MAX (going above 2.0 may clog them up). Using our EC meter is straightforward; install the batteries, turn it on, insert it into your hydroponics or soil and take a reading. For more information, watch the two videos demonstrating how to calibrate and set up the EC meter and the PH meter.

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