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Created by Cody Oebel, owner of NukeHead Seed bank.  This strain I have worked on for nearly a decade in Colorado, it was a cross of NukeHead, my original strain that started it all which I rarely like to sell. I crossed a Ken Estes Grand Daddy Purple in, and then did cross backs to NukeHead.

Originally I was aiming to simply make a new generation of NukeHead at a generation of 13,  but this pheno came out with whopper cannon sized buds, and got lifted fast into mainstream magazines and leafly who contacted me wanting information as they were new to the industry

and wanted more strains on their database and had seen my infamous NukeDaddy genetic.  I kept seeds priced at 50$ per one seed of this genetic for a long time and to date it maintains that price because ultimately this is a NukeHead, that’s purple.  The daddy of all my NukeHead

strains thus it took the dub ” NUKEDADDY “.   This genetic performs very well indoor, gets huge outdoors if grow properly, has cold and even freezing temperature resistance and is tough against mildew and molds.  This is a high THC high spectrum terpenoid genetic, that runs the pound

game if your looking for yield and a plant that takes stress training like a champion.  I offer these select cut clones at a more than fair price. It was not uncommon for 150-200$ per one clone in which now I drop the price since the market is saturated with would be breeders entering the game

so that you can experience a top bred pheno. Today I am no longer cultivating in the commercial grow operations running NukeHeads gives me limited time. So when I grow these strains and produce seeds they are in very limited quantities, but these are straight from my hands and no one elses.

I produce these clones and primarily use them for fem seed production, but now I open my personal work to your garden !

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