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Autoflowering Blue Fruit Seeds


The Autoflowering Blue Fruit is a great company when capping off a long, tiring day. Deep relaxation and a gentle mental uplift are sure to happen under its influence. Also anticipate a head to toe relief from various conditions such as stress, anxiety, migraines, arthritis, and insomnia.

If the mentioned effects are desired, consider cultivating its Homegrown Hemp Co seeds. The rare variant is fruitful, yielding as much as photoperiods in an optimal indoor environment. Meanwhile, having multiple grow batches ensure a massive outdoor produce. Best of all, the plant is harvest-ready in just 9 to 10 weeks, significantly reducing the wait time without compromising the quality of the buds.

The autoflowering Blue Fruit is an excellent beginner strain both for consumption and cultivation. It has a universally likable berry-like sweetness that is pleasant yet intense. As if tempting to overindulge, lighting up this bud leaves a lasting aftertaste that makes for a lip-biting experience. Do not give in to the fruity seduction, though, as its up to 16% THC load may still overwhelm the new and intolerant.

Auto Blue Fruit is an excellent nighttime company for capping off a long, tiring day. With the legendary Afghani powering most of its Indica strength, relaxation is a promise it never breaks. Meanwhile, with the Thai Sativa in its genetic mix, also anticipate an uplifting experience that puts a smile on the face no matter how bad or draining the day went. At the same time, its mellow buzz allows the mind to float on a gentle stream of euphoria until the sedating feature of the herb ushers it to dreamland.

These desirable recreational effects also have tantamount therapeutic benefits. Under the joyful influence of Blue Fruit Auto, depressive thoughts cannot trigger stress and anxiety. Concurrently, the tranquil physical state savors the absence of pain caused by the likes of migraines, arthritis, and muscle spasms. Lastly, with this bud’s sweet lullaby, even insomnia cannot disrupt a pleasant slumber.

If those positive effects are wanted, highly consider rearing the Homegrown Hemp Co autoflowering seeds of Blue Fruit. The variant is not accessible. Hence, more often than not, it must be cultivated to get hold of its buds. Do not shy away from the challenge, though, as this strain is especially fruitful, yielding as much as photoperiods in controlled environments. Even better, the flowers can be obtained faster thanks to its Ruderalis genes.


Growing Blue Fruit Autoflower Seeds


Cultivating Blue Fruit Auto comes with several advantages that make it a worthy grow. The variant only matures up to 3 ft tall and can fit in small grow tents, as well as stealth cabinets. Because of its sturdy stem and branches, the flora also does not require support during the flowering cycle. Best of all, it is ready for harvest in 9 to 10 weeks from germination.

As a bonus, its foliage and colas turn deep plum when exposed to colder than average temperature during lights off hours. It is a trait inherited from its Purple Mexican parent. While it does increase potency, the change enhances the beauty of the garden and increases the buds’ bag appeal.

On the flip side, the autoflowering plant has one major setback. Unfortunately, the strain is inclined to produce nanners or bananas when stressed. To avoid this hermie tendency from manifesting, make sure to grow the auto in an optimal environment, preferably in a controlled setting where conditions can be regulated. Keep the temperature cool and maintain a 50% RH level. Also ensure that the lights are of sufficient distance from the plant’s crown and does not produce excessive heat.

When cultivating indoors, employing a Sea of Green setup by packing 4 to 16 Auto Blue Fruits for every square meter boosts the yield. Pair it with 18 to 24 hours of lights and a collective production of up to 450 grams of buds (per m2) can be achieved. On the other hand, growing outdoors even in favorable locations with plenty of sun exposure only yields 100 grams for every autoflower. The small yield can be increased exponentially by growing two or more batches. If the weather permits, starting as soon as winter ends can bring an April harvest. The last should begin by July or August and completed by late October.


Fragrance and Flavor


Perfect for satisfying a sweet tooth while also getting high, Blue Fruit Auto is like a delectable dessert. The bud entices the nose with its berry aroma, building excitement as the hands prep the herb. When torched and breathed in, its vapor delights the palate with a rich vanilla-red berries mixed flavor. It also leaves a subtle smack on the lips as the smoke exits, making refusing another hit seem like an impossible feat.




The euphoric touch of the auto is immediate. It starts mellow and elevates seamlessly, uplifting the mood to new heights as seconds pass. In this happy mental state, worries pass into oblivion and the blissed-out mind gets to concentrate on joyful thoughts. A short moment after, a sense of calm engulfs the body just as hunger stirs up. The relaxation is pure pleasure, but it also makes moving difficult. Hence, it is advisable to keep snacks within reach before getting stoned.

As the high progresses, the access to internal insights becomes deeper, launching the mind in self-introspection. Although some realizations may not be positive, it does not affect the vibe. After around 2 hours of soul-searching, the session ends with a long, quality sleep. Note, though, that the experience may feel like a lot longer due to the time-bending effect of the flower.

Because the dense bud causes laziness and, eventually, drowsiness, it is ideal for nighttime use. It is often employed to cap off a tiring workday or anytime the schedule allows long hours of unavailability. Its moderate level of THC does not overwhelm. Nonetheless, going low and slow is still necessary as may heighten the buzz faster than the mind can accommodate.




The recreational effects of Auto Blue Fruit manifest alongside its therapeutic benefits. Its moderate amount of THC, although modest by the standards of today, delivers ample medicinal forcefulness. Besides, it also contains potent, health-giving terpenes like Caryophyllene, Humulene, and Myrcene.

Blue Fruit Auto produces a reliable anxiolytic effect that dismisses negative thoughts and emotions without delay. The euphoric high it shares is an immediate escape from psychological concerns such as stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, panic, along with bipolar disorder.Without the melancholic pull of these mental conditions, the mind can savor pleasure for a few hours, a much-needed break from daily torments.

Because the herb is an anti-inflammatory analgesic, the body gets to break away from pain as well. It provides instant relief while also reducing swelling, a combo effort that gives hours of alleviation. Such feature makes it useful against chronic conditions such as migraines, arthritis, Crohn’s disease, plus multiple sclerosis.

While experiencing holistic comfort, intense fondness for food will also manifest. Thanks to the munchies kick of the bud, eating disorders cannot constrain a healthy appetite. The rest of the high will be spent chowing away snacks. If the flower is used regularly, though, it is best to prep healthy nibbles as not to cause other concerns.

As the head to toe buzz wanes, drowsiness will start to make the eyelids feel a ton heavier. By then, sleep is not far behind regardless if suffering from insomnia or other slumber disruptors. Through this sedating strain, many hours of coma-like hibernation awaits.

While these health benefits are not hard to achieve, arriving at the right amount of the delicious Auto Blue Fruit may not be. In moderate dosages, mild cases of dry eyes and cottonmouth may demonstrate. These two discomforts are rather negligible and often disregarded until they go away on their own. Meanwhile, high doses can take the head for a wild spin, causing dizziness, headaches, as well as paranoia. Due to such adverse effects, overindulgence of this mouth-watering herb must be avoided.—->

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