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(For customers reading, yep yep this means one of your favorite youtubers is starting his own line up of genetics. The DUKE GROWS .  Visit his channel by clicking HERE )



The Duke Grows ” Mind Bruzer ”  is a cross of Bruce Banner which possess from 24% THC and has been reported with up to 31% THC from growers out there that has been crossed with MAZAR.

Novice growers can achieve good yields, even if they have little or no experience with autoflowers or growing in general. Experienced growers can achieve several hundred grams per plant in good conditions. The current record for one single Auto Mazar plant is 900g of dry buds. See the link to the blog at the bottom of this text for more information and beautiful photos. It is not only the yield that keeps many customers returning, the quality of the buds is also clear. Auto Mazar has a strong Afghan Indica buzz, with a high THC content, a relaxing anti-anxiety effect and a strong body stone.

BRUCE MAZAR’s growing period takes a little longer, around 85-100 days to fully ripen from seed to harvest due to this crosses variation but this also means bigger payout than other auto crosses.

Let’s cover over MAZAR and what it brings into this hybrid cross and the hybrid vigor benefits !  These NukeHeads private breeder genetics by The Duke Grows is sure to please any smoker !

  • A compact autoflower with a beautiful Christmas tree structure with many side branches and sturdy buds
  • An XL yielding variety that typically grows from seed to harvest in about 10 weeks indoors and around 10-14 weeks outdoors
  • A very easy to grow autoflower suitable for beginners in all types of growing media, growing systems and growing conditions

Auto Mazar is a very robust and reliable autoflower strain. She grows compact buds that are full of resin and quite sticky with a strong earthy/Kush and fresh lemony aroma. By combining it with Bruce Banner, the gains are HULKISH to say the least.

One should expect better yields than a standard MAZAR, combined with beautiful frosty high THC Bud Stacking the Banner brings to the table.   Since this is an all new genetic from The Duke Grows we lack photos and we ask growers

to send us their photographs. If we like your photo and decide to use it, we will give you photo-credits on this page just under your photo to use as brag rights to fellow growmies !


Due to customers already pre-ordering we quickly created this page to list this genetic for sale, but we are awaiting future notes from the Duke Himself on what he’d like to say about this cross, but he mostly shares his thoughts on his youtube channel.  CLICK HERE TO VISIT HIS CHANNEL



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1 seed, 10 pack fem seeds, 3 pack fem seeds, 5 pack fem seeds


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