Marshmellow Kronik – Pain relief strain ( 1 fem seed )


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( We do not guarantee this seeds germination despite these are harvested by hand and fresh in controlled limited production. You gamble on growing such fine quality genetic / exotic.  We advise you make many clones of this strain once you have grown it out and to even produce your own feminized seeds using our FEM SEED SPRAY product if you wish to replicate this genetic ! 






Were on Generation 2  which is finally available for you to buy , it’s more potent , more frosty, and more dense ) 

A LIMITED STOCK OF 160 seeds in this ultra private release.

This is a generation 1  Marshmellow Kronik,  it’s phenotype lineage is the nefarious infamous NukeHead strain, crossed with some Jack herrer , blueberry headband, and a black ice lime. This strain’s future generations are aimed at introducing CBD into the lineage; Right now lab tests in Colorado shown a Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometer analysis at a local testing facility that does drug UI analysis and also does MMJ sampling ( The facility requested to not be shared ) tests this strain out at 2% CBD, and 23% THC  … we are working to reduce the THC and were going to introduce the Nuclear Cherries CBD into the next generation; the lineage has a line of blue’s in it, from Rhino strains, and blue dream cross in.  The reg seed private stock is now at a homogeneous state (true breed) and were now offering these as fem seeds in ultra low hand picked quantities. Hence the price is for those who are seeking the high class of breeding work, lavish as a Ferrari laden in gold and satin silk; this strain is for those seeking top class work and regal.  Expect nothing less than a top pricing point on these seeds they hand pulled , ultra fresh and strong S1’s and produced entirely by Cody Oebel the owner and creator of the NukeHeads brand and trademark as well as globally recognized strains and genetics work.

Expect a calm, relaxing no paranoia onset effect perfect for head injuries, spinal injuries, chemo patients, and hunger boosting effects. This strain can do well in both cold , warm, high and low altitude environments from it’s ancestry carrying an array of adaptable growth properties in various regions.  This is the latest work by Cody Oebel, who has to date produced the ” NukeHead strain, the NukeDaddy strain,  The Nuclear Cherries CBD , and now the Marshmellow Kronik “ .  The name is comes from a synthetic THC research Cody did in early 2010 with JWH synthetics to see the results of cannabinoid antagonist on the brain utilizing JWH-018 and JWH-180 and JWH-210 constituents.  The longevity of effects on the brain from these synthetics brought the sciences of growing real quality strains a greater potential recognition for medical properties by seeing and first hand feeling the effects of the CB onset.  While synthetic THC was dangerous; the research opened new sciences and answers which lead to creating the best organic strains with the most propensity for medical applications.

Brain damage ,  Muscular Dis-trophy,  spinal injuries, concussions, car accident body contortion pains are nicely addressed with Marshmellow Kronik. This strain’s name is just that a Marshmellow Soft alleviation of chronic pains from various injuries or numbness in limbs followed by sharp spike of pains.  This strain will help calm nerves around spinal injuries such as herniated discs; Though no medical institute will take this statement and produce data on it due to federal laws prohibitions; but our user’s of this medicine all report astonishing pain alleviating results from various injuries. We are going to incorporate more CBD into the line in generation 2 in order to reduce the fast high onset and allow a more calm onset with greater cancer killing potential. For now this is a great opportunity to get your hands on Marshmellow Kronik generation 1.

We will be looking to our community for photo’s as of now the private work on this strain has not permitted photo’s of the work; but growers can expect thick stalks, bushy plants and large structured colas; but don’t expect a world record high THC ; this is a pain killing strain and if harvested early will produce hunger; if harvested with amber trichomes will enhance sleep and give more couch lock due to CBN.  It’s a great strain for a grower to control the medical properties by choosing when to harvest for particular medical affects. We will be updating this page with photo’s soon but none were taken at the time the seeds were harvested. Were now going to document the work thoroughly.



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