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Russian Cream crossed with Russian Assassin and White Widow  –  The strains breeder states this will make you dizzy if your being active; and this strain is popular in Maykop and Krasnodar, leaves from this auto are taken, boiled with goat or cow milk, and consumed with the drink for stomach problems or constipation and IBS; It’s a sleepy strain and is best used when not doing active or things requires a great deal of thinking;

The strain has a very euphoric effect if smoked, or ground up and added to a Vodka bottle and let to soak and sink to the bottom; the synergistic effects of the Vodka combined with this strain that would make you sleepy normally when smoked has a reversed effect and will in fact give you a more more enhanced Vodkha experience for those who like ” Clear Liquors ” this stains a nice shine added to a moon shine or any clear distilled liquor for a great upper energetic boost; yet if smoked, or eaten alone will leave you couch locked, tired, and getting some nice dreams in; this is a heavy hunger inducing auto;

This strain is also produced by Temnaya genetika,  aka Dark Genetics originating from the southern federal district of Russia ; and used in many Kremlin beers in place of hops for those who like brewing this is one to add into your fermentation processes. The pheno’s that comprise of this cross can hit 28% THC easily and it’s a fast flowering auto budding early and harvesting in as little as it’s 7th week; were told colder temps makes it speedup and also seems to enhance it’s tiring sleepy effects. It’s a giggly laughing high but one you will want while eating cheetos watching TV on the couch;  this is a strain not to drive on or use when needing to be comprehensive.  We asked about pain killing properties and simply put; you should fall asleep fast if your feeling pains as the tension will be removed in muscles and aches and Vlask the breeder suggested consuming the leaves of this plant with warmed milk.  


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