Dead Hot Strawberries


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Dead Hot Strawberries Strain Review

Flower is some of the most incredible stuff on the planet. From the endless genetics to unique grows and tastes, everything about good bud is what makes me feel like a child describing something exciting. I am a daily dabber and prefer it over anything else, but the last couple strains of bud I’ve gotten have proven to me that I am completely wrong for not expanding that horizon.

If you don’t like bud you’re gonna like it after smoking this. Dark sweet Cherry taste and smell with an over the top smooth smoke/flush. I prefer dabbing because of the highs, but I’m finding that the right bud will do more for me in terms of effects and actually feeling HIGH. This stuff had me questioning if I needed to take a walk to calm down, good flower is not something to fuck with even if you have a tolerance like mine.

I couldn’t find any terpene information at all, but based on the genetics and smell/taste I would credit caryophyllene, Myrcene, terpinoline and maybe a little linalool because of the floral taste. The terpenes are very very hard to identify in all 3 areas of this bud.

The smell and taste are interestingly sweet and gassy, it is (the smell) really like a dark Cherry syrup poured onto a batch of flowers. Taste is more subtle on the Cherry but the sweet and floral tones are there for sure.

If you can’t tell by the first part of this, the high is fucking incredible. Home run, sends me back to 2018 brain blasting incredible. It starts slow for about 5 minutes then there’s no going back. It’s a little hard to describe exactly how it hits but think about what the slow onset of tv static would look like and then turn that into a feeling. ?? it sticks for HOURS. It’s a sticky muddy pool that you will not wanna get out of.—->

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