Tsar Bomba Russian Widow Auto ( 5/10 pack fem seeds )




This is a Chernobyl cross with White Widow x White Russian ( Serious Seeds produces this visit their website at , it’s produced by Vlask, as we call him at Temnaya Genetika southern federal Russia, White Widow  is more than just one of the most famous cannabis strains in the world; it provides the genetic foundation for many other classic strains beloved by growers of every experience level. Now, it is possible for beginner growers and impatient farmers to bring a heavy potency with Russian flare of potency with a classic strain.  The Tsar Bomba was the largest multi-staged hydrogen bomb ever tested and it was tested by Russia; This auto strain will flatten you with a high so potent it grows so fast you think the Tsar Bomba blast hit you in the bong to your lungs. This is a whopper fat little cola growing auto and we at NukeHeads pride it’s travel from the lands of Mother Russia to offer it in our all exclusive line up. Please enjoy but be warned … though our website is nuclear themed … The Tsar Bomba Russian Widow is no joke ..  it’s ..  THE BOMB ASS BUD you’ll want to add into your garden !  We await to pair and cross this with our all exclusive NukeHeads strain for a true nuclear marraige made in heaven here on earth 🙂

Like the original photoperiod White Widow, this strain grows wide, dark green leaves and is dusted with a heavy coating of resin by the end of the flowering phase. White Widow Automatic replicates many characteristics of the original WW, but takes only 75–85 days total crop time! The main differences with our variant are its compact size, fast growth, and slightly more stoney, physical effects.

The buds, despite their hybrid genetics, display an indica appearance and effect. White Widow Automatic has a woody, pungent, earthy aroma and taste, similar to but not as strong as White Widow. This strain was bred for a few years to ensure stability in the genetics. Indoors, it will grow to an average height of around 50cm, with some larger plants reaching 100cm. Its yield is quite good for an autoflowering strain, producing around 190–240g/plant, depending on conditions. Indoor growers will be just as lucky, achieving yields up to 450g/m².

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10 pack, 5 pack


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