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(For customers reading, yep yep this means one of your favorite youtubers is starting his own line up of genetics. The DUKE GROWS .  Visit his channel by clicking HERE )



The Duke Grows loves making crosses, but he has strains he likes to keep pure bred, for crossing and for his personal breeding hobbies and seed collections. However, has has opened this collection the the public to grow and enjoy. While it may sound like nothing fancier than regule ole white widow, that would be further than the truth, because work to produce these seeds, was done by The Duke Grows himself !  Taking any credit from such would be like calling your local German Shepherd Kennel, and saying their elite trained dogs aren’t the original German Shepherd, even though they put 30 years into breeding supreme GSD’s. No different here, selectively breeding an original genetic is brave, tough, and usually the behavior of cultivators who truly appreciate quality orginal genetics and want to keep it un-tarnished in a world today where everyone’s trying to create a name for themselves by creating various strain crosses. Which usually these crosses all come from originals anyways.  The Duke Grows White Widow Auto Original is a purest genetic, one that The Duke Grow’s is quite proud to share.  We would absolutely love the community of growers to send us photos of this genetic to use on this web page and if we like your photograph of this genetic, and decide to use your photo. We will give you photo credits on this page under your picture to brag to the growmies your grow made the cut to be showcased !


Due to customers already pre-ordering we quickly created this page to list this genetic for sale, but we are awaiting future notes from the Duke Himself on what he’d like to say about this cross, but he mostly shares his thoughts on his youtube channel.  CLICK HERE TO VISIT HIS CHANNEL



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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

1 seed, 10 pack fem seeds, 3 pack fem seeds, 5 pack fem seeds


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