NukeHeads Cancer Blaster


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This genetic is a high output terp full profile specimen. It is created for those producing extractions aimed at reducing cancer. NukeHeads has worked exclusively with labs and individuals who are doing research on cancer reduction and tumor reduction. Our relationship with Korean individuals doing research in South Korea’s Seoul University has proven much promise with full spectrum oils used on rats that are bred to purposely have cancer. The results are phenomenal and our strain was deemed the Cancer Blaster because it will blast away tumor growth and cancer growth with solid evidence of this plants primary constituents ( This was on rats tested, as we make no claim of human tests and results, but rats are used in lab tests for human application in a number of tests being done ). It has a very strong CBD profile and very little to not noticeable THC ; A GCMS or Spectrum analysis would deem this a stronger CBD genetic all together with a minute THC level, but it’s profile and effects is outstanding for actual medical usage. It’s an ultra high yield, easy to grow indoor and outdoor and stacks nuggets up so well you’ll be proud of the plant and how it grows for you.  We are an all exclusive mass production team working on this genetic producing it out of a Colorado Farm so we can give the absolute best prices on this lineage anyone could offer ! If you have severe back aches, headache, can’t sleep and you don’t like smoking most strains because of the paranoia and anxieties that makes sleeping worse. This is the strain for you !!  This strain is light on novice users strong CBD for heavy CBD users, and doesn’t seem to spike paranoia at all.

Plant to plant this stays consistent !  This is one of our most premiere medical strains we offer if your seeking a true medicinal cure and heal problems strain we have this as one of the best options out there.  Normally our genetics are prided for the years of hard work going into them and they are priced high because of our reputation, but our souls and hearts could not possibly try and make a great deal of profits on this type of strain. Our farm is outdoor growing these and producing fem seeds in bulk so we can reduce the price. The point here is we want to help heal you not empty your wallets. We ask that you spread this genetic around with many others, helping others seeking this type of quality and trait. This is NOT A GET YOU SO HIGH YOU JUMP CURBS AT WALMART’S PARKING LOT type of a genetic, no no we have plenty of genetics like that on our website for you to choose from. No, this is a heal and medicate the human body strain and its spectrum of terps and cannabinoids is PROVEN to do exactly that !  While other sites want 18$ per one seed for a medical strain like this one; We want to offer the best pricing point especially if this can heal you of your aches and pains. We ask you reach out and contact us and let us know how this strain worked for you so we can have a solid honest testament to it. We wan’t to only offer the best and if our customers say this isn’t the best we will take appropriate action, but so far we’ve got great feedback from the grower’s on this genetic having an amazing smell and yield.  We feel we will sell so much of this strain due to our purpose behind it that we will make joyful profits anyways; regardless our business is strong and people love what we offer; our greatest challenge is keeping everything in stock all the time for everyone to experience. We are one of the largest most premiere seed banks in the USA !

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

1 seed, 10 pack fem seeds, 3 pack fem seeds, 5 pack fem seeds


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