NukeHead ( 1 seed )

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~  Our Signature Strain  ~

And For Great Reason

  • Growers can expect a 25 – 30%  THC concentration even with inexperienced growers

  • Huge stalks … we have seen 2 inch thick stalks on plants only 22 inches tall in heigh

  • Will grow upwards to 15-ft tall due to it’s hybrid line of phenotype gene history

  • Strong medical effects but due to high concentrations smoke this lightly as you can get extremely paranoid or sedative quick. 

  • The effects of this strain vary due to it’s gene line, it will couch lock you, yet once you get used to the smoke it acts as an energetic smoke.

  • Great for back pain, and awesome in producing hunger for chemo patients

  • Grows very thick dense foliage with ultra fat leaves when indica  pheno behaviors show out, but sometimes it’s sativa genes will dominate and show thinner leaves.

  • This strain consistently grows polyploid ( Double Headed Buds ) and it’s this odd and very rare character that we pride in as we have smoked these freakish buds and the effect and taste is surely something to experience.

    A Word from our NukeHead seed breeder, “Nuclear Dawn Genetics”.

  • ” We meticulously scrutinize each seed that we send to Cody Oebel to ensure quality. It’s also our practice to always germinate 8 to 10 seeds after each new seed harvest. Although we would still be happy with a 90% germination rate, we’ve had a 100% success rate so far. “Weeding out” ALL remotely questionable seeds also ensures greater percentages of quality viable seeds and satisfaction to the customer.

  • ? Check out our Nuclear Dawn Genetics YouTube Channel to see how are genetics grow.

  • ? FYI: The KushDaddy seeds used for comparison in this video, is our Newest cross between Cody’s OG Kush and Cody’s NukeDaddy strains. Available only here at

  • ? Check out the NukeDaddy seeds we created in this video, shown at 4 weeks old.

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