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LARGE YIELDS ARE BEING REPORTED WITH THIS AUTO .. but it does grow big, and if it hits 2ft you’ll want to trigger lights with 12/12 because it does have a photo crossed in and this is a wild card genetic .. if you see it reach 2ft and it has not yet started auto blooming set your light to 12/12/

Provided to us by Mr  J.J Smith 🙂

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*** ALLLLLLL NEW  JUST IN 6 / 3/ 2019 ***

 This shotgun strain is a true wild card, it’s a first filial \ first gen cross of an Auto and Photo period.  Grower’s can expect the unexpected if the plant doesn’t begin flowering within the first 60 days then the seed is showing a dominant photo periodial. It’s an auto yes, but with photo period lineage so we stuck it in the auto category because it will auto trigger. Being a first generation auto/photo cross usually auto’s are most dominant, thus one in four seeds will show a photoperiodials taller growth reaching upwards to six feet.  Yet other seeds from this same wild card batch will also auto trigger within 4 to 5 weeks. If you suspect it’s not auto’ing then the seed could simply be exhibiting more of the photo period strains. To see if this is tree, turn the lights off over these for 3 days solid keeping them in pitch black dark,  then provide them only 12/12 light to see if they go into bloom. This same cycle change will not hurt other auto breeds and is just fine for all other plants under the same bloom space and light.   These have been reported to begin auto-flowering quite late producing buds deep into the 9th week of growth. So if you like the unknown unpredictable auto strain this is surely the one for you !


Description Below From Mr. Haapy himself !!!!

Purple jack auto is (jack hereira x critical mass) x purple micro dot . Mr Haapy’s purple Jack auto is a 60 day strain . Without training it can get upwards to 6 feet tall.  It should start to flower around day 30 !!!!  

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