Moby Dick AutoFlower

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Moby Dick Autoflowering: An autoflowering sativa dream

Moby Dick Auto is a sativa-dominant autoflowering cannabis strain featuring White Widow and Haze autflowering genetics. It offers all the classic traits of the original Moby Dick strain in a compact, easy-to-grow package.

As is typical of a great sativa, Moby Dick will leave users with an iconic “sativa stone;” think a strong, uplifting feeling of euphoria coupled with plenty of energy and motivation. This makes for a great strain for users who want to experience the effects of cannabis but still want to stay productive, social and inspired. Many users turn to this strain for daytime use as it leaves them in a great mood but still capable to get on with work tasks, creative projects, or even household chores. The average THC concentration ranges between 13 and 17%.

Medical cannabis patients may find this strain effective for dealing with stress, depression, fatigue, and nausea. Some users also suggest this strain for basic mood elevation, curbing anxiety, or even relieving moderate physical pain.

One thing many users, both medical and recreational, love about this strain is its unique aromas and flavours. A batch of Moby Dick auto buds will produce a noticeably pungent aroma characterized by strong citrus notes mixed with some subtle cedar undertones and even hints of incense.

While traditional Moby Dick is renowned for having noticeable sativa grow traits, the autoflowering variety doesn’t. These are medium-sized plants that are easy to grow and manage, reaching outdoor height of about 70-130cm. Despite this, Moby Dick Autoflowering plants still produce great harvests, reaching up to 180 grams per plant indoors and 230 grams per plant outdoors. Best of all, the flowering time for this strain is just 75 days from seed to harvest.

Typical of a sativa, Moby Dick Autoflowering produces long, slightly loose buds. They are usually light green in colour and boast a very thick layer of trichomes, a testament to its potency. These buds may also have slightly orange hues thanks to a high amount of pistils, and are renowned for boasting an almost instantly recognizable aroma and high.

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

1 seed, 10 pack fem seeds, 3 pack fem seeds, 5 pack fem seeds

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  1. Eddie Burgett (verified owner)

    Very nice big budder i did no training to her she does like cal-mag genetics are just what you see in picture top of main bud did get some purple.

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