Green Poison Auto


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Green Poison Auto: Classic with autoflowering characteristics

How can a breeder coin a strain for “Green Poison Auto”, when its delightful effects are anything but poisonous? The photoperiod counterpart of this strain is quite popular among the ganja community, its presence on coffeeshop menus is not unusual. The indica dominance is unquestionable upon toking that toke.

The ancestry of Green Poison Auto spans between Big Devil #2 and the Green Poison variety. The breeding process required several sessions to perfect the final outcome. Green Poison Auto won many awards and is expected to carve its way into future generations. Let’s check out what Green Poison Auto is all about.

The smoke is very sweet a fruity, the aromas are quite intense, penetrating through thick cement walls. That might be an exaggeration, but they’re definitely intense. If one doesn’t want to smell like “ganja man #1” in a public area, it’s recommended to go for another strain, or wrap Green Poison Auto with several layers of plastic with coffee inside. This indica is a sleepy one. If one wishes to chill on a couch, and fall asleep to a mediocre film, Green Poison Auto hits the spot. Happy, and chill vibes are also present after toking this plant.

The autoflowering characteristics speeds up her total lifespan to 8 weeks, from seed to harvest. It’s important to note that Green Poison Auto greatly differs from Green Poison, because it includes additional genetics from other cultivars, hence making it a different strain. However, the original vibes shine through this short plant. For the grower, the yields will amount to around 35-200g/plant. This either means that the strain is slightly unstable, or that the expertise of the grower greatly affects the yields. Either way, Green Poison Auto is a cool little strain, delivering dense and pungent nugs.

Grow your own Green Poison Autoflowering

400-550 G/M²


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