GRAPE GHOST – (5/10 pack fem seeds) Nuclear Dawn Genetics

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What do you get when you cross the Infamous NukeDaddy strain with the Incredible Purple Dawn strain?

– Grape Ghost is NukeDaddy x Purple Dawn –

A Marriage of Two Genetic Titans  !

~ “NukeDaddy” has earned her reputation for producing HUGE  Aromatic Colas that pack a Powerful Punch. Flowers are VERY Dense! She is a cross of Ken Estes’ GrandDaddy Purple & NukeHeads strains from! High in THC with Purple Colas, she is Pungent as well as Potent !!  

~ “Purple Dawn” is a Beautiful Dark Purple Beastess with THC lab tested at 28%+. She smells Very Fruity and Pungent. She takes on her Darker Purple colors in weeks 8-10. Flowers are Dense Rock-like and Very Frosty. Left untrained, Purple Dawn can grow over 7 feet with nice yields. She has a beautiful Girl Scout Cookies phenotype in her lineage and is a great medicinal strain! 

~ So… what we expect?  The Grape Ghost is a LARGE Purple Cola producer with a VERY pronounced Fruity presence with an Incredible array of aromatic terpenes. Combined with their High THC Lineage, GRAPE GHOST is a Connoisseur’s Choice!

– from Michael Dawn of Nuclear Dawn Genetics…

” We are very proud to present our newest cross, GRAPE GHOST.  

She is a cross of NukeDaddy & Purple Dawn. We developed Purple Dawn and after 10 years of selectively breeding the best qualities of all her phenotypes. It is our personal pain medicine and is extremely effective for us! NukeDaddy is the Largest Dense Purple Colas we have Ever grown, with an amazing THC level and a mesmerizing mix of highly aromatic terpenes. Breeding Purple Dawn with the NukeDaddy strain from is an honor. Both strains have a Pedigree of Top Tier Strains in their Genetics Lineage. This makes Grape Ghost nothing less than Amazing with what we call the “Trifecta of Cannabis Traits”.  – Extremely Aromatic with Beautiful Huge Purple Colas High in THC, painted generously with Thick Resinous Trichomes – 

* ( See our grow videos of these two strains in our videos below ) *

click pictures for enhanced view

Our NukeDaddy Results 

*Grown With NukeHeads Flower Power Package Nutrients! – click here

Our Purple Dawn Results

*Grown With NukeHeads Flower Power Package Nutrients! – click here

“All plants shown were grown by Nuclear Dawn Genetics.

NukeHeads Flower Power Package was the Only Nutrients used. Thank You Cody Oebel for such Wonderful Genetics and Nutrients!  

Michael Dawn”

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3 reviews for GRAPE GHOST – (5/10 pack fem seeds) Nuclear Dawn Genetics

  1. Michael Dawn

    Purple Dawn has been my go-to pain medicine for years. Fragrant PURPLE Buds, Very Potent!

  2. kmp1018 (verified owner)

    Healthy seeds!!!! 4 dropped and all 4 popped!!! Gonna have some Grape Ghost fellas!!!!!! Super stoked!

    • Michael Dawn

      We would love to see pictures. 👍

  3. hypo303 (verified owner)

    I went 9 1/2 weeks in flower..and harvested at 90% cloudy 10% Amber trics.plant started to get dark purple around 8 weeks.
    Very social uplifting high was a big hit with my connoisseur friends,i also pollinated one of my plants so I can continue to have these genetics in my library. Very smooth when flushed slight grape flavor, plant was very frosty and I highly recommend it

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