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Although we don’t know for definite who birthed the strain, we are confident of its genetic lineage. GMO is an indica-dominant hybrid strain created by crossing the infamous breed, Girl Scout Cookies, with the equally respected Chemdawg. Unsurprisingly, combining these two gives us some heavy-hitting, monster skunk.

Perhaps befitting of a strain with a mysterious background, GMO also goes by several different names. As well as GMO, you will also find it sold as Garlic Cookies and GMO Cookies. The main reason for this is that dispensaries didn’t want to offer something labeled GMO. GMO also stands for a genetically modified organism, and this goes against the organic, natural ethos of many dispensaries and stoners.

Its garlicky moniker comes from the weed’s distinctive flavor profile. For more on to how it smells, tastes, and looks, have a read through our next few sections.

GMO Strain Aroma
GMO Hemp strain has distinctive funk to its aroma. At first, what we are about to describe may seem a bit off-putting, but trust us, it isn’t.

When you open your bag of GMO, a smell swamps you that seems familiar but hard to place. A few big inhales, and suddenly you have it. The initial aroma is that of a thrift shop or flea market, all vintage fabric and mothballs, with an added dollop of curry sauce for good measure. This description may not sound like something you would want to consume, but actually, it is a surprisingly intoxicating smell that will have you reaching for the grinder.

Grinding the buds releases another aroma profile, and the Garlic Cookies name makes a whole lot of sense. When ground, GMO gives off a whiff similar to garlic mixed with rotting coffee grounds and fruit. Again, this doesn’t sound very alluring; it most definitely is!

The overall aroma experience of GMO is one of its most standout features. You will struggle to find another breed that gives off a stench similar to this. It is unique, a bit of a freak, and we love it!

Let’s find out if the taste matches up in our next section.

GMO Strain Flavor
Again, GMO provides a unique experience with regards to its flavor. The strain’s Girl Scout Cookies parentage gives the initial inhale a sweet and earthy flavor, which is pleasant enough if nothing particularly remarkable.

The exhale is where this smoking experience comes into its own. It is all garlic, like the most beautiful garlic bread. A slightly spicy, curry-like aftertaste also joins the mouth too, creating a unique and delectable.

As with the smell of GMO, we are big fans of the taste simply because of how different it is to the regular fruity fest you usually get from modern green breeds. GMO provides smokers with a new and unique taste profile, and the breeders should stand for applause for this.

Next up, we put the looks of this bud under the microscope.

GMO Strain Appearance
GMO’s looks are unusual for an indica heavy hybrid as it looks more like sativa. The buds are thin, long, and pepper shaped. The colors are a beautiful mix of olive green and purple, accentuated by a large number of orange hairs winding their way across the buds, and a snowy coat of white trichomes.

GMO looks good, smells good, and tastes good. Our descriptions might have convinced you to try growing some yourself. Our next section has all the grow information you could need.—->

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