Ghost Hulk X Banner Auto (3 pack Fem)

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Ghost Hulk X Banner Autoflower

( Currently being grown by Nuclear Dawn Genetics – Video  on left is April 1, 2019 )


( Video on Right is April 19 )

Genetics: PuffPuff Pass

Breed by EM-SEEDS

Lineage: Ghost Hulk (Ghost OGK x Bruce Banner #3) x Auto#2.

65-75 Days Med/Large Yield

Ghost Hulk Information:

Pungent strain that is able to treat those suffering from insomnia, depression and fatigue. This is a strain that is fine to enjoy during the day, just be mindful of the dosage. Taking too much will just trigger a couch-lock.

Bruce Banner Information:

OG Kush X Strawberry Diesel cross that offers a perfect balance of euphoric head high and pain-relieving body stone, making it a top choice with both recreational and medical marijuana users. Out of the five distinct phenotypes, Bruce Banner #3 is the most popular due to its heavy Strawberry Diesel lean and uncanny ability to meet extremely high THC levels every single time.

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in


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