Ghost Hulk X Banner Auto (5/10 pack fem seeds)

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Ghost Hulk X Banner Autoflower

( Currently being grown by Nuclear Dawn Genetics – Video below is April 1, 2019 )

 ( Video below is April 19, 2019 )

Genetics: PuffPuff Pass

Breed by EM-SEEDS

Lineage: Ghost Hulk (Ghost OGK x Bruce Banner #3) x Auto#2.

65-75 Days Med/Large Yield

Ghost Hulk Information:

Pungent strain that is able to treat those suffering from insomnia, depression and fatigue. This is a strain that is fine to enjoy during the day, just be mindful of the dosage. Taking too much will just trigger a couch-lock.

Bruce Banner Information:

OG Kush X Strawberry Diesel cross that offers a perfect balance of euphoric head high and pain-relieving body stone, making it a top choice with both recreational and medical marijuana users. Out of the five distinct phenotypes, Bruce Banner #3 is the most popular due to its heavy Strawberry Diesel lean and uncanny ability to meet extremely high THC levels every single time.


Grown by: K.P.

Grown by A.C.

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

10 pack, 5 pack

3 reviews for Ghost Hulk X Banner Auto (5/10 pack fem seeds)

  1. kmp1018 (verified owner)

    They look pretty at 1 month! 2 out of 4 beans popped.

    • CoolCody

      Wow they look great; most excellent grow work please share us around and also if it’s cool if we share this photo on our customers photos page just email at and include the latest photo for us to upload ;).

  2. jeremyb.barber (verified owner)

    Super great strain! Pulled a hearty harvest off her with a TON of swollen nuggets! Great aroma and insane flavor!!!! I’ll definitely be growing her again!

  3. kushtoy9 (verified owner)

    Seriously good and lasting high. I bought and planted ten Ghost Hulk Banner and ten came out beautiful. Thanks Cody for excellent genetics

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