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The Mother was Naranja Jelly S1 She came from Orange Kookie x Mac x Jelly Gelato

Another Amazing and unique creation by Monedita De plata

This strain comes from allot of work between two separate breeders.  Monedita found an absolutely beautiful mothering plant to cross a California orange citrus strains known as Naranja Jelly with Baboon Cookies. This cross was later emphasized with another cross to enhance the floral and citrus aromatics of the strain. The Orange Kookie plant was throwing out beautiful purpling colors and hues, and along came a MAC  ( Menthol Alien Cookies ) plant that grabbed Monedita’s eye. He just had to cross it and produce something with this monstrous beautiful plant. The work was tremendous, each plant coming from this cross consistently produced high THC from 26% to 34% THC levels and yields are consistently very high on each and every plant. Still something was missing what more could be done to make the strain even better Monedita thought and behold, a Jelly Gelato was discovered with the most amazing node structure, bud structure, and the smell was pure bliss. He couldn’t help but to cross it in. BUT WAIT … how about that citrus smell ?? It needed a boost and having an Orange Kookie line gave some citrus aroma, but how about boosting that with some lemon citrus aromatics ? So a Lemon Haze mother was carefully selected. Many who have grown lemon haze know it stacks big so crossing this in made plenty of sense to super boost the lemon aromatics, bud structure, and stacking of the cola ! THUS … Bitter Sweet Haze was created.  Currently we are introducing the pricing point on this strain at an unbeatable deal to get this genetic across America in everyones hands by giving an unbelievable deal with our 50 Fem seeds for 250$. The goal here is to get dispensaries buying these due to the amazing low price to get the genetic spread around and enjoyed by many.  Monedita De Plata isn’t like most breeders. He likes working with old school all original genetics refining them and keeping them alive, but this frankstenstein he created was something not usual to his work. It’s a chaotic mix of the best pheno’s he found and had to have in his garden and breeding program.  So all exclusive to NukeHeads customers we present without further adue the BITTER SWEET HAZE  by Monedita De Plata ! 

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

1 seed, 10 pack fem seeds, 3 pack fem seeds, 5 pack fem seeds


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