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Big Bang Autoflowering: Easy to grow and tasty to smoke

Big Bang Autoflowering possesses ruderalis, indica and sativa genetics. The strain was created using parent strains Skunk, Northern Light, El Nino and Hemp ruderalis. Big Bang Autoflowering is famously easy to grow, which makes this strain especially attractive to novice growers who are in the phase of experimentation to find out what techniques work best for them.

Big Bang Autoflowering provides smokers with quite a mix of tastes which mainly include sweet and spicy flavours with sour hints. Berry and thyme are especially noticeable when ripping a bong or toking a joint filled out with this strain.

When it comes to the type of high offered to smokers by Big Bang Autoflowering, people can expect a predominately indica effect. The high is mainly body focused and can generate a heavy couch lock effect as well as calming sensations. With this said, Big Bang Autoflowering does also offer some sativa elements when it comes to psychoactivity, including thought provoking and meditative experiences.

Big Bang Autoflowering is a short, wide and bushy plant that pumps out some high yields. This build really reflects both the ruderalis and indica genetics present within this strain of Hemp. This small stature makes Big Bang Autoflowering an optimal strain to grow inside and in locations within limited space. The strain will not exceed medium height when grown either indoors or outdoors in a raised bed or pot.

Big Bang Autoflowering is notoriously fast at growing, making it a favourite for growers who want a fast turnover in their crop. This strain can be harvested 8 weeks after germination. The autoflowering ease of this plant means growers won’t have to go to the extent of altering the light cycle, another attractive feature to novice growers.

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  1. yellowtail85 (verified owner)

    It’s really easy to grow and it’s smells like a skunk.

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