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This genetic has Acarta crossed with Monster Mass, and the biggest most largest cola producing strain in the world .. the NUKE DADDY strain ..   So instead of calling it  Acarta X Monster Mass X Nuke Daddy , we felt it deserved a sizable nomenclature and we deemed it the AMD 😉 which is the monster in computer processing if your not an intel fan .  Seriously, all nerd jokes aside, the sciences put into this cross comes from world class breeders here at NukeHeads.  In particular Nuclear Dawn Genetics, where Mike and Dawn put immense efforts into producing top quality strains that people absolutely love, and seek for their medical patience is brought exclusively to you through NukeHeads.   Be sure to check out their youtube channel you’ll be sure to love all their grow work and gigantic growths that were bringing right into your garden or dispensary.  Are you a Commercial Grower ? This is an all new genetic and if your seeking the newest of new here at NukeHeads to dominate your location with something all new that has credibility, branding, notoriety and exceptional recognition in the industry. NukeHeads Genetics brings you the top of the top creme de la creme exclusives with seriously high THC level’s you’ll get no place else.  This strain is so new, we need you the buyer to email us and report photos to us, we also ask if it’s O.K with you that you send us photo’s of your plants and give us a write up of what you think about the smoke, profile, smell and aroma of this all new gigantic growing high THC beast.

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1 seed, 10 pack fem seeds, 3 pack fem seeds, 5 pack fem seeds


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