9lb Hammer x Aurora Blaze Alice


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From an Amsterdam seeds bank who has crossed the Jinx labs  9lb hammer with a Aurora Blaze Alice gene line we bring that potency, that effect up another pound to list the 10 pound hammer strain

 This strain can grow upwards to 15ft tall, and has a lab tested COA THC level of 23% but it’s terpenene profile seems to hit a user hard giving them the idea this is the strongest strain they have ever tried; but the strains terpene interpretation to the human brain is the magic.

If you want to grow a nice purpling genetic, with high frost and high potency this is a most excellent genetic to add to any serious garden. We had to wait 4 months before we could get this genetic here at NukeHeads, and were excited to hear our customers feedback on the adventure they will get from this strain.  9lb hammer doesn’t natively purple, but this genetic will get outer edges purpling up..  there is a high possibility of a green only bud due to pheno expression, but if you dump ice on the grow pot during late bloom the plant will still turn purple.  We ask that since this plant strain did not come from the USA and now is offered in the USA that anyone who buys these seeds and grows them out please contact us with photos of your plants. We need more and more photos !

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