No debit card? Use a MyVanilla Prepaid VISA – BITCOIN – Western Union or Money Gram


This is the process to pay with Bitcoin, Western Union, MoneyGram

or the Pre-paid ” MyVANILLA Reloadable VISA Cards.

  1.  First add everything you want in our shopping cart system then go to checkout and select shipping 
  2. Whatever the price is for all the items you selected is what you will send in equivalent bitcoin, WU, or Money Gram. 
  3. Then email with your selected items, and an address to ship the items too. We will provide you the information you need to Western Union or Money Gram us the funds if not paying with bitcoin. Otherwise for bitcoin simply send the money to our bitcoin wallet as provided below and confirm your transaction with us in the email. We will immediately ship your order. 

** For Western Union or Money Gram payments must be over 100$ USD minimum as we must send someone to pick the money up and it’s costly time wise on us; hence minimum is 100$ for this transaction type. 


So say your checkout cart shows 200$ you will then send 200$ USD worth of bitcoin to us.  Below is the QR code to send bitcoin too as well as our wallet address key to use either one.