NukeHeads wants to offer the best in class customer service and so we did with our decision to create an all new

100% Germination Success Guarantee.

How it works: 

First and foremost, we will only replace seeds from your very last order this is so we can easily maintain success for you; so if you have a germination issues with seeds from a previous order before your last order; we will not honor the replacements; this is due to customers trying to “stack” loss up in advantage to their gains by using fraud tactics on us. Due to some customers doing this to us we only replace seeds from your most recent order. 

Shipping is NOT free for replacements unless we were at fault.  We also take a photograph of each order so if you say something was missing and we look at our photos and see nothing missing you get permanently banned from our website and services. 

Should you have an issue with germination or any of our hemp seed products simply email us at info@NukeHeads.com with what issues you ran into.

We replace the seeds on this basis and this basis only.  If you have for example 20$ in seeds that did not germinate we will produce for you a custom same as cash coupon code you can use on our website on your next order (DOES NOT INCLUDE FREE SHIPPING), but in order for the 20$ code to work you must have double the coupon code amount in items added to your shopping cart.

Meaning if we give you a 20$ coupon code you will have to add at least 40$ in items in your shopping cart then applying the coupon code will reduce the 40$ to 20$ in which you will pay 20$ out of pocket for.

We do this in order to keep you coming back, and buying more, providing  you a 100% replacement guarantee, but to also keep those few scammers who try to get us for free stuff  from wanting to exploit our good services.

This makes genuine good customers assured they get every penny’s worth of their business with us and makes us remove the motivation of scammers trying to get us for free stuff.