NukeHeads wants to offer the best in class customer service and so we did with our decision to create an all new

100% Germination Success Guarantee.








1.  First and foremost, we will only replace seeds from your very last order

What we need from you !   Count up how many seeds your having problems with, if it’s different genetics list what seeds of each genetic you had issues with. Email us your order number ,

and the count of seeds that didn’t germinate to this email.  info@NukeHeads.com  and we will begin the below process. If this has already been done. Read below to understand what to expect !

We obviously don’t replace seeds we gave to you for free as a surprise gift, or even an announced free seed gift; it’s a free gift of our highest quality seed stocks. We don’t ever give away free stuff simply because it’s not selling or were over stocked as we have zero problems selling thousands of seeds to other seed banks and individuals. It’s just honest common since to not expect any free seed given to you to be replaced.. it was FREE as in not included in what you paid for , and added on top as a bonus !!

IF ANY OF OUR SEEDS LISTINGS STATE ( 1 FEM SEED ) or  ( 1 REG SEED )  this is our highest quality top of the top genetics; They cost sometimes over 50$ per one seed. They do not get covered in our germination guarantee.   Currently our Marshmellow Kronik single seed,  NukeDaddy,  and NukeHead  single seed products listed do NOT get germination replacements.  Our 5 pack and 10 packs get germination replacement coverage as stated on this page. Our bulk seeds do not get replaced and do not qualify for this germination guarantee. If we give you a private bulk seed purchase deal and discount then you do not qualify for this germination replacement guarantee as we offer the lowest pricing of any seed bank, and thus cannot afford to honor bulk seeds we sell to you at insanely low pricing points low as 2$ a feminized seed we’d make nothing at all from our hard work honoring such a god given loving low price to you.

We only replace seeds from your very last order so we can easily maintain success for you; so if you have a germination issues with seeds from a previous order before your last order; we will not honor the replacements; this is due to customers trying to “stack” loss up in advantage to their gains by using fraud tactics on us and were caught. So we had to change our policies.  Also some people long term store seeds improperly causing them to fail in germination.  Our seeds are boosted shell strengthened by a different nutritional feed plan than used for growing bud; our seeds are hand removed fresh, and with the strongest germination hormones. We have even done seed germination abuse tests such as cracking seeds shells leaving them out for over a month on a counter top, then planted them, and they grew ! We know the extents of our seeds that GOD built to be strong and never fail germination .. mother natures designed to succeed. Our feminized seeds are of the strongest filials ( generations ).

Shipping is NOT free for replacements unless we were at fault.  We also take a photograph of each order so if you say something was missing and we look at our photos and see nothing missing you get permanently banned from our website and services as well as your service request ignored and closed. 

Should you have an issue with germination or any of our hemp seed products simply email us at info@NukeHeads.com with what issues you ran into.


Our seeds prices change, sometimes we offer discount codes for limited times. One day a 10 pack of seeds might be 100$ , a sale occurs , and they are now 70$.  Which makes the seeds 7$ each versus 10$ each.  So if you bought a 10 pack of seeds for 70$ for example, and 5  seeds of the 10 did not germinate for you.  Then 5 seeds costing 7$ each is 35$ in seeds that you bought that didn’t do what you needed them to do.  So we create for you a same as cash code for 35$ but it requires you spend 35$ on other seeds before it works in our shopping cart.

Example:  You buy a 10 pack of seeds for 70$   5 seeds didn’t ever open for you.  5 seeds x 7$ each  = 35$ in money you spent on seeds that didn’t grow or open.  So we create you a 35$ same as cash coupon code to use on our website.  You add 35$ in seeds and try to apply the code to zero out the 35$ it will not work. You must add another 35$ in seeds. Meaning your shopping cart must be at 70$  then you apply the code, and it knocks it in half, and you pay the other half out of pocket.  I know this is sounds unfair to honest customers, so here’s why it’s unfair to us and why we do this germination guarantee. In simple, we’d have known proven good germinating stocks as per the video you see above showing 99/100 seeds sprouting perfectly fine, customers call us saying they bought a 10 pack and all 10 failed. Yet we look in our business management tracking system, and we see those same seeds at 16 local commercial grow operations in our city using those same seeds and the germination reports they are a 98% or higher stock. We knew the customer was lying or doing something wrong causing the seeds to fail to germinate. Unfortunately crooked customers doing this causes us so much loss we came up with our most brilliant fair to everyone germination guarantee your reading right now ;).   It stops  BUYER FRAUD , and yet is fair to honest customers who truly are encountering a germination problem even if it’s their own mistake, their dog ate the seeds, they stepped on them, whatever the case we don’t care WE WILL REPLACE YOUR SEEDS using the above guarantee replacement.  Thanks for reading, and we wish you the best with much much love and kindness.

– MMJ Sarah

Customer Service