Nutes Feeding Schedule

The mastery Jedi arts of using the NukeHeads Nutrients will make you more in touch with your plants than any other nutrient on the planet.  Below is the teachings from master grower Cody Oebel on the most simplest way using our nutrients to grow big huge buds and healthy plants that are not under-fed or over-fed, but fed to perfection !


-From Cody Oebel


Ok,  so you got your NukeHeads Flower Power Package you can’t wait to begin boosting your plants health and growth as well as grow some most awesome buds.  Your hoping for some calendar and scheduling to feed with but I’m going to quantum leap you past that ritual, and bring you to the Jedi level right here on this page of how and when to feed your plants. This teaching applies with general nutrients use and cannabis, but you will find that this technique works flawless with the NukeHeads Flower Power Package…. let’s get right too it.


WATER WATER WATER your plants, most say lightly water, we say drench them and keep them wet unless you have powdery mildew problems.  Any time your plants are getting discolored or seem to freeze in growing, flood them with water to flush out anything that might be causing them to stunt on you.

Below is a LEAF COLOR feed technique you will master using this websites nutrients and growing amazing weed.

It’s pretty freaking simple too :).   So,  how do you know when to feed and when not to feed ?

SIMPLE !!   When your plants leaves are too dark green you absolutely do not want to feed them any more nutrients.

The ONLY thing you want to feed them is water until they lighten up to that ” Perfect ” green coloration.

I’ll use photos below to help you visualize. If your plants are lighter green to lime green, they are hungry and need

more NukeHeads Flower Power Package; specifically nitrogens during veg state, or phosphorous and potash during


EASIEST SCHEDULING ?  FEEED ONE SATURDAY ,  ON THE NEXT SATURDAY JUST WATER THEM, ON THE SATURDAY AFTER THAT FEED THEM AGAIN !   There … now isn’t that just easy ?? Get this 🙂  It’s so easy that most wouldn’t realize how easy it is and why your growing such huge buds and how are you doing it without writing stuff down ?? Tell them  ” I just go a sense with weed and these NukeHead nutrients ”   🙂


This lime green / light green plant below

is not getting enough nutrients and possibly not enough light as well.

Be sure to have a PAR level in veg at least 400 PAR,  and in bloom 600 – 950 PAR (if using synthetic lighting and not the sun).


This plant leaf is a straight GREEN is PERFECT !!!  You want to try to keep them like this the entire time but a shade darker wont hurt either.


This DARK green leaf below means too much nutrients .. way too much. Avoid this in budding or you might get small buds, hermi females, as this is stressful on the plant if done too much. When your leafs are this color you only want to water the plants until they lighten up and turn just regular ole plain GREEN.  Now purple strains that turn dark make this trickier, but this information provided stays the same. Use your eyes, nose and instincts with your plants feeding to dial it in perfectly and then my son …. you have gained Jedi Mastery over cannabis feeding with the NukeHeads Flower Power Package. 

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