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    Very new to our line up is this delicious strain known for flavor, aroma, and it’s pain killing properties. Brought to us by our new exclusive breeder Sir Buds Allot who you can find on youtube showing you some of his garden. We have some of our other breeders growing this strain and they look outstanding. Were very happy to add this to our line up and offer it to our customer base. We have not yet tested the THC levels or lab tested this strain it’s just that new to our line up, but it wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t a favorite among our breeders. It is benig introduced at 8$ per fem seed priced in our 3 pack for 24$ so we can quickly build it’s reputation. We will be inviting any customer growing this strain to share their photos with us and we will use your photos on future updates of this strain. How cool is that ? Now this particular Grape Ape Kush has been privately grown and is undergoing selective breeding techniques which in time will drastically set it apart from the original Sour Grape Kush and enhancing it beyond what it is today. You get the all exclusive on this strain here at NukeHeads brought to you by private breeders to bring joy into your garden! We will update this listing with additional information as we become more intimate with this strain. Be sure to check out the King Hulk regular seeds also produced by SirBudsAllot which are very limited in stock and priced very affordably for those who prefer regular F1 seed stock to produce their females from.

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