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King Hulk

2 thoughts on “King Hulk

  1. KING HULK is a cross of Bruce Banner, and some of our private strains by SirBudsAllot in order to create an all exclusive nuclearized strain that’s heavy hitting and pungent to the nose and tongue. This is a strain that could probably make the Incredible hulk’s anger calm, forcing him to vert into bruce banner. It’s potent and hard hitting right on and long lasting with lingering residual euphoria. The calm high is an amazing medicine for joint issues, bad knees and lower spinal pains due to it’s terpenoid profile from the lineage this strain has in it’s line up. Here is a photo of a younger King Hulk so you can see how it starts node-stacking early on in bloom. Your sure to get amazing giant colas with this all exclusive strain and we are working on a feminized version as well soon to come but for those who preferr F1 reg seed females for their strong qualities or for breeding then this is the seed stock for you

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